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Array value - El Forum - 07-17-2009

I have an array that gets all clients ids from the client table as the index and companynames from the company table as the value but i need to display only the value (.ie the companyname for each client)

foreach ($parents->all as $parent)
            $id = $parent->parent_client;
            $parent->company->get('id, companyname');
            $name = $parent->company->companyname;
            $data['parent'][$id] = $name;

<?=$parent ?>
This displays 'Array' (naturally) i tried using another foreach in the view but that displayed all the clients

i know the array is fine because i used a print_r to check it.

How can i display only the value for each element in the array?
Please help..

Array value - El Forum - 07-17-2009

Well it looks like you shouldn't be having any trouble with that new $parent array. But, why don't you just do this in your controller:

$data['parents'] = $parents->all;

Then in your view you can do this:

foreach($parents as $parent){
   echo $parent->company->companyname;

Array value - El Forum - 07-17-2009

Thanx for your assistance
Its not working it keeps throwing a 'Trying to get property of non-object' notice