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Paid Support - nick1973_5 - 11-11-2014

Hi all,

This is my first post, I am very interested to know that if the new owners of Codeigniter will be offering a paid support service for those paranoid web developers and businesses alike?

In my personal experience, in most big development projects, the respective businesses require a support service from the software developers (codeigniter) in order to comply with other SLA's.


RE: Paid Support - ciadmin - 11-11-2014

No, BCIT will not be offering paid support for CodeIgniter.

The intent is that the framework be community-driven, which includes support, using this forum.

RE: Paid Support - Rufnex - 11-11-2014

You will get support from the community or can pay for a freelancer.

RE: Paid Support - sv3tli0 - 11-11-2014

Paid support equals to hire somebody to do/fix something for you.
At the same time bugs in the framework are fixed for free.
So where is the point to pay for a free service?

RE: Paid Support - InsiteFX - 11-11-2014

There are lots of us on here and else where that do paid support. Just contact us if you need it.

RE: Paid Support - no1youknowz - 11-11-2014

If you want paid support. There is ellislabs with their Expression Engine system.

RE: Paid Support - Shawn P - 11-12-2014

You can just hire me. I'll do it. Tongue

RE: Paid Support - Chroma - 11-14-2014

There are many of us who will help you with problems for free, if you are learning and being part of the community.

Some of us also work in this industry and will happily take on paid work to either develop, support or maintain and existing project.

Just ask, PM and I or someone else will be happy to help as appropriate.

RE: Paid Support - tapan.thapa - 11-15-2014

My 2 cents...

Go and add an odesk job for your problem and than too many people will surely apply for your job.

However if you want to do it stuff on your own or wanting to learn, come back here with your questions and we will surely try to provided help free of cost. Smile

RE: Paid Support - khalilhimura - 11-16-2014

Maybe what Nick meant that he requires a paid service to act as "support" to be legally included in big co's SLAs. Normally institution in banking would require reputable firms to act as support as part of their SLA with software vendors.

However, I'm basing this on my experience with proprietary software. Maybe open source software applies differently when included in legal agreements.