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Ftp class - ftp->mirror() - El Forum - 08-04-2009

Hello everyone,

I just discovered that ftp->mirror() is not working as it should (or at least as i understanded from User Guide). Is uploading everything, but not .NAME files, like .htaccess or .htpasswd.

Checking the Ftp.php class, the problem is from line 509

elseif(substr($file, 0, 1) != ".") //<--
// Get the file extension so we can se the upload type
$ext = $this->_getext($file);
$mode = $this->_settype($ext);
$this->upload($locpath.$file, $rempath.$file, $mode);

Now, i don't know if this is how should work or is just a little bug.

Thank you,

Ftp class - ftp->mirror() - El Forum - 08-06-2009

I think i posted this in wrong place. Can some one move it to Bug Reports?

Thank you,