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FOREIGN keys and scaffolding - El Forum - 08-09-2009

hi ,
am very new to codeigniter , and the first thing i tried to do is to create the blog example , i tried to continue on that example , so that i want to create comments from the admin side for example using the scaffold .... the form generated display the FOREIGN KEY : blog_id as a text input , but i need it to be a drop down list with data like ( " blog_title , or blog_id ) .
auto generated drop down list for the FOREIGN key .

any body can help , or provide a link to article or tutorial on this issue . Smile

thanks in advance

FOREIGN keys and scaffolding - El Forum - 08-09-2009

I have struggled with the same in the past... Scaffolding as the manual says is a very basic tool for populating data in the database ... having this feature is something better then inserting data directly from MySQL interface or client tools like phpmyadmin...

May be some one might have bettered it for their private use..