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Session Handling & Security - El Forum - 08-11-2009

Two questions here,

1) I'm using an XML-RPC client that connects to my web server quite frequently. This client connects from a trusted source over the local network. But everytime it connects its handed a new session.
I store sessions in the DB and this will get quite cumbersome as the number of XML-RPC calls increases.
Is there any way to make just this connection "session-less" or to make it stick with one session?

2) Just a general question regarding session security. As far as I can tell codeigniter stores the session id and the userdata MD5d in the user cookie. The way I have things set up now the userdata part contains user_id e.t.c.. Is there any way to increase security on this process or should I just be happy with the way things are handled now? =)

Thank you!

Session Handling & Security - El Forum - 08-11-2009

Excuse the shameless bump, but no one?

Session Handling & Security - El Forum - 08-11-2009

Trying the second, and last, shameless bump.
If anyone has any pointers to how I could generate more replies to this topic, please chip in. =)