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Classified Ads - El Forum - 08-17-2009

Has anyone got a classified ad full or partial code base that they would/could share? I have seen a couple nice ones done with CI but can't justify the cost for my non-commercial app. Thought I would ask here before getting busy rolling my own.

Classified Ads - El Forum - 08-18-2009


can you please tell us for what purpose you are looking for?

I can help you, if you tell the purpose clearly.

1. Is it non-commercial?
2. For any non-profitable organization?

Happy Coding,

Classified Ads - El Forum - 08-18-2009

1) I am interested as an add-on service to an alpha-stage personal research website.
2) I am not a 501c tax exempt non-profit organization.

If at some point, it was used for profit, I would be willing to compensate for license permission to do so. I hope that fully satisfies your inquiry. In addition, I would be willing to assist in development of the project or contribute any changes, addons, modifications, fixes that are made to the application.