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xajax encoding - El Forum - 08-23-2009

Hi, I know that there are several threads about encoding
but I couldn't resolve my problem reading them..

I have a xajax news-module on
my homepage, reading news from database and return text
and an image. The (strange) problem is: The umlauts "äüö"
are displayed correctly for a fragment of a second and after
that displayed like you didn't set the right encoding.

I set everything to utf-8 I could think about. My db encoding
is set to utf-8, the tables and all columns too. I did set utf-8
to the meta tags, an header with that encoding,
"accept-charset" in the form tag (where the news are added)
and my files itselfs are saved in utf-8 encoding too.
The encoding running in Firefox ("view/encoding") is utf-8.

The default encoding in xajax is utf-8 but even setting it
manually didn't help.

Do you have any ideas what I could try to fix that problem?

Cheers - Luckyfella