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multilanguage - El Forum - 09-02-2009

Hi there! im building a multilanguage site, and im looking for a table, or big array, or wtv... with this information:

[lang code] [language name in the language] [language (im not care about this one) ]


[es-ar] [EspaƱol (Argentina)] [Spanish (Argentina) ]
[en-us] [English ,,,

Please, if you have something like this, I thank : )

multilanguage - El Forum - 09-03-2009

Hope this helps:

ISO 639 is the set of international standards that lists short codes for language names.

English country names and code elements

multilanguage - El Forum - 09-03-2009

here is a data compilation for most of locales. data is stored in xml, so you could easily write a script to pull out language names in native locale as well as other usefull information such as date formats and currencies.

multilanguage - El Forum - 09-03-2009

a lot of thanks : D