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logging does not work - El Forum - 09-06-2009

[eluser]Jan van Casteren[/eluser]
my codeigniter installation does not write log files.

I have $config['log_threshold'] = 2;

I know logging worked last week, but now no log files are written.

I don't understand why. Does somebody have a tip?


logging does not work - El Forum - 09-06-2009

Does the log directory have the proper permissions to write the log files?


logging does not work - El Forum - 09-13-2009

[eluser]Jan van Casteren[/eluser]
I found out what was the case: I use Aptana ├ŹDE and didn't find the log files in the project explorer. Which doesn't mean they are not there: they just don't belong to the project.


logging does not work - El Forum - 10-11-2009

I know this is a reply to a month old post, but for anyone using Aptana this can be frustrating - especially when looking for log files. For some reason Aptana doesn't auto-update the project file list by default.

You can change this to auto-update in the preferences:

Window -> Preferences
Under General choose Workspace and then check 'Refresh Automatically'

New files will now show up in the list without a manual refresh.