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Jquery thickbox - form problem - El Forum - 09-12-2009

Hi guys,

I'm still new to CI. But i'm working on a new project (to learn CI). I want a registrationform within a jquery thickbox, check it and send it via ajax.
The sending part is easy but i have a problem with the checking of inputfield.
For some reason
var name = $("input#name").val();
wont work.

It seems like it can't find the inputfields. The strange part is that if i send the form using the js-function (serialize()), it does find the inputfields.

Any ideas ?
a live example is to be found on click on "not a member yet".

More info:

<div id="contact_form">
  &lt;form name="contact" method="post" action=""&gt;
      <label for="name" id="name_label">Name</label>
      &lt;input type="text" name="name" id="name" size="30" value="" class="text-input" /&gt;
      <label class="error" for="name" id="name_error">This field is required.</label>
      <label for="email" id="email_label">Return Email</label>
      &lt;input type="text" name="email" id="email" size="30" value="" class="text-input" /&gt;
      <label class="error" for="email" id="email_error">This field is required.</label>
      <label for="phone" id="phone_label">Return Phone</label>
      &lt;input type="text" name="phone" id="phone" size="30" value="" class="text-input" /&gt;
      <label class="error" for="phone" id="phone_error">This field is required.</label>
        <br />
      &lt;input type="submit" name="submit" class="button" id="submit_btn" value="Send" /&gt;
$(function() {

  $(".button").click(function() {
        // validate and process form
        // first hide any error messages
      var name = $("input#name").val();
      //alert (name);
        if (name == "") {
      return false;
        var email = $("input#email").val();
        if (email == "") {
      return false;
        var phone = $("input#phone").val();
        if (phone == "") {
      return false;

So i hope someone can help me Smile thanks in advance

Jquery thickbox - form problem - El Forum - 09-14-2009

you can try abandoning ThinkBox altogether and create your own(controllable) version of it. jQuery is pretty easy to use when creating your own UI components.
If I remember correctly, ThinkBox uses an iFrame which can cause problems if you are not prepared for it.

Jquery thickbox - form problem - El Forum - 02-10-2010

with all of jquery box : jquery box list on google, which one is easy to used by CI ?