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[help] upload file script - El Forum - 10-08-2009

[eluser]Willy Wijaya[/eluser]
Hello guys..

I need to create a site that main function is for sharing data and its free services.
People can :
1. upload data and get download link + erase link
2. there is a limit for file size uploaded, i.e. 5MB.
3. the file remain on the server for certain time, i.e. a month or a week since it last accessed.
4. the file can be renamed and only post certain types, i.e. .zip, .rar, .tar.gz, .tgz.

I think this is not too hard. but I don't know where to start.
Can someone guide me with CI. Sorry I'm newbie.
I'm familiar with PHP and MySQL, but with CodeIgniter not yet. I just wanna try something new. Smile


[help] upload file script - El Forum - 10-08-2009

Have a look at


[help] upload file script - El Forum - 10-08-2009

Start with the user guide,

That is your best source for starting with CI.

[help] upload file script - El Forum - 10-08-2009

[eluser]Willy Wijaya[/eluser]
Thanks guys for a quick reply..
I have looked into :
That's a great script.. But for Xtraupload, I don't find any sufficient documentation on his site. Smile
Maybe the author can add some complete documentation for those scripts. But it looks nice..

Maybe, I can start with very basic from rogierb's post..
But, thanks for all of you, guys.
You guys are awesome.. I will come back later with some error questions and suggestion from all of you guys.