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Frustrating IIS6 / IIRF - El Forum - 10-31-2009

Hey all I am trying to get it so I can use code igniter but running into some problems and maybe all of you that have ran into them already can help.

Ok here is what I got so far. URL rewriting is working. The problem now though is none of CI's error files will show I get this error

CGI Error
The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers.

I am purposely trying to get it to show the 404 error so is there something im missing that I need to change to help it work?

Thank you all for any assistance.

Frustrating IIS6 / IIRF - El Forum - 10-31-2009

I have also tried all the different variations of -
| 'AUTO' Default - auto detects

I was thinking of just going in the code and telling it to redirect to the 404 url when it found a error but weird thing was I commented out code in common.php and exceptions.php for the show_404 functions and it still tried loading the 404 page so I must be missing a different piece of code that directs to the 404 page.

Sorry for all the edits just trying to post the best information I can.
I have re-uploaded all the original CodeIgniter files straight from this site so it still has the welcome pages.

http://mysite/ci/ -- WORKS
http://mysite/ci/index.php -- WORKS
http://mysite/ci/index.php/welcome/ --DOES NOT throws that CGI error.

Frustrating IIS6 / IIRF - El Forum - 10-31-2009

What ive done now instead of waisting to much time on this small issue is I have just installed apache on my server along side of IIS. Because I have multiple IP's I just stopped the socket pooling and took out one of the IP's so Apache could have it all to itself and still be able to run on port 80.