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Some questions - El Forum - 11-03-2009

Hi there.
In my new company we'll start an important project. I have a Symfony background and wanted to use Codeigniter for this project.

My questions:
1. Our company already have a CMS for backend used in many other projects. I want to use that. Would that be a problem? I guess no. It's procedural code written years ago.

2. Is there a Propel like ORM layer or should we add it ourselves?


Some questions - El Forum - 11-03-2009

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
1.) You will have to put some work into integrating them, or have them running side-by-side. Without knowing more we couldn't say anything useful either way.

2.) There are loads of ORM solutions. Search for Doctrine or DataMapper.

Some questions - El Forum - 11-03-2009

1) I'm guessing the CMS just controls manipulation of various database variables and content? Then theoretically that shouldn't be too hard.