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Codeigniter email - El Forum - 11-14-2009

i will check that when i get home tonight thanks man for the help

Codeigniter email - El Forum - 11-14-2009

ok i tried this

$email = @mail('[email protected]','TEST','Testing 123');    
        if ($email)
            echo 'mail sent';    
            echo 'Mail Not Sent';    

it said when i ran the function "mail sent" but i havent recieved anything in my email

Codeigniter email - El Forum - 11-14-2009

[eluser]Hani A.[/eluser]
By any chance, are you running codeigniter locally (localhost)? Or are you running it on a hosted server?

Codeigniter email - El Forum - 11-15-2009

It means something wrong with mail service. Are you testing in Live? or in Local?
because in local PC mail will not work by default, for that you need to configure smtp and Pop