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Panachart Y-Axis Scale - El Forum - 12-07-2009

I've looked over the net and in the documentation for Panachart and I can't find how you can change the scale used on the Y-Axis. Very frustrating as currently 1 is the bottom value so all my values of 1 are not being graphed (if you see what I mean)!

I hope one of you might have some experience with it.

many thanks

Panachart Y-Axis Scale - El Forum - 12-07-2009

Also it seems quite buggy - is it? What do people like to use these days maybe this is a little out of date! If I change the height/width of the graph then I get y-axis going up in steps with values of "1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4" etc... that's impossible! Smile