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Looking for Statistic code. - El Forum - 12-10-2009

Hey Guys,

I am developing a simple but powerful CMS, so far so good since this is my first time developing in Codeigniter. However i need to create a simple but effective Statistics engine for the Dashboard. I have done this couple of times in PHP long time ago, but i would like to create this in CI.

What i basically need is the following.

1. Graph, Flash or JS based for Visitors over the last 7 days.

And below that i will have a list of last 100 visitors showing the following,.

IP Address - Last Visit - Page Hits - OS - Browser - Referrer

2. Popular Pages.
3. Top Referrers
4. Popular Browsers
5. Operation Systems.

This is what i am looking for but would love to see some code or something similar if you are willing to share ?.

Looking forward to your replies and thoughts.

Looking for Statistic code. - El Forum - 12-10-2009

Maybe you can build on this:

And share your modifications later on in the wiki Smile

Also you should have a look at this:

and this

For nice and easy javascript based graphics look at this javascript library: OR

good luck.