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RE: Code Igniter vs Laravel - includebeer - 12-10-2014

(12-08-2014, 03:32 AM)dranzers Wrote: i think codeigniter need rewrite .

CodeIgniter is not Laravel, it doesn't need to be rewritten every 6 months ! Tongue

RE: Code Igniter vs Laravel - GrigoreMihai - 12-11-2014

Personally i was planing to move to laravel but with the new changes in CI i will stay on it from now, jest hope the dev team will be more flexible.

RE: Code Igniter vs Laravel - zurtri - 12-19-2014

I think it comes down to what you are doing.

Most of my code is single programmer (me) stuff for clients. I don't work in a team, I am the only guy in the company that knows how to code half decently (the other guy is a 'functions are good?' type of guy).

The other thing is my projects tend to be smaller - they can be done if 50-100 hours or so.

I spent a lot of time looking at different frameworks and methodologies, and for web based work of the above scale, CI is the choice for me.

The main reasons are:
  1. CI is fricken fast
  2. It enforces discipline. The MVC framework FORCES you (if you want) to code with a separation of concerns. Great for new programmer and a gentle reminder to old hands (sometime we forget and go the quick hack route)
  3. CI doesnt force you to be in it all the time. You can jump into plain Php then back into CI as needed. 
  4. Helpers help you with #3. Not CI specific of course.
  5. Routes and Session have never been a problem for me as I have only relatively simple problems to solve. 
  6. Doc is small - you can 'be across' the whole framework in an afternoon and grok it soon after. 
To me #1, #3 and #6 are the big reasons.

So for smaller issues that can be coded by a single programmer in 50-100 hours then CI is a strong choice.

RE: Code Igniter vs Laravel - Hobbes - 12-20-2014

i chose CI for a few reasons, some of them are these:
  • CI Documentation is super awesome
  • Easy to learn
  • Routing system is not over bearing and convoluted
  • extending the core is extremely easy
  • Agree with points mentioned by: zurtri 
  • The community is awesome and helpful
  • CI is lightweight, powerful, and lightning fast
  • CI does not try to do it all for you
  • CI has a long history of being able to 'just get the job done'
there is a hole truck load of other reasons as well but my head is swimming in alcohol right now Smile

RE: Code Igniter vs Laravel - yavor99 - 12-24-2014

(11-17-2014, 11:35 AM)maxbrokman Wrote: Things CodeIgniter does better than Laravel

1. It's a bit faster maybe

I had to rebuild a project made with Laravel. CI si about 20 times faster when it comes to database operation (which pretty much every site has).

RE: Code Igniter vs Laravel - avinashizhere - 12-27-2014

i have worked with laravel, but it has a huge learning curve which made me stick to CI, and when i saw CI 3 was under development, I came back to CI, low learning curve, worked with it for 2 years, easy to use and code Smile

RE: Code Igniter vs Laravel - ivantcholakov - 12-27-2014

I think, you pay too much attention on Laravel. :-) IMO the "dangerous" rival for CodeIgniter in the future would be Yii2.

RE: Code Igniter vs Laravel - peterdenk - 12-28-2014

(12-27-2014, 09:06 PM)ivantcholakov Wrote: I think, you pay too much attention on Laravel. :-) IMO the "dangerous" rival for CodeIgniter in the future would be Yii2.

And how does your reasoning go? What makes Yii2 the "dangerous" competitor? Just out of curiosity ...

RE: Code Igniter vs Laravel - ivantcholakov - 12-28-2014


Just have a look at their repository. It is not a PHP framework, it is an empty application. You can pick from at least two prepared application skeletons. It organizes not only the PHP code, but the assets too. It has internationalization support. More features - observers in their active record, event system, something that is similar to HMVC, they call it "widgets", authentication, and so forth. More man-power. These things you can read alone.

It is interesting to see what other people do with it. I got impressed with this example: , - see how logical the structure is - frontend, backend, modules

People are making progress while here we are singing the song "Small, easy to learn, learning curve..., footprint...". IMO this song is delusional and dangerous.

I don't want to open a battle here, I am just sharing what worries me.

RE: Code Igniter vs Laravel - no1youknowz - 12-28-2014

ivantcholakov. I agree with you 100%. In another thread, I floated the same principle for 4.0.

Guess what, the uninformed and uneducated shot it down.

I think CI 4.0 should move in a more radical and more up-to-date fashion than CI 2.0 or 3.0 has now.

I share your worry as well.