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PyroCMS v0.9.9 - El Forum - 12-21-2009

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
PyroCMS has moved to it's own forum and support here is being stopped. Please sign up at to ask your questions and get involved with feature planning.

PyroCMS has finally reached v0.9.8 final!

The new PyroCMS v0.9.8 will bring a brand new interface and several big performance and usability improvements.

PyroCMS v0.9.8
PyroCMS (master)

Here is the full changelog:

* Added "Widgets" which allow very flexible chunks of code to be placed almost anywhere.
* Added custom CSS area for pages.
* Added GUI editable "Page layouts" to control shared layouts for grouped pages.
* "Check all" boxes and CTRL + Click selecting added to all listing pages.
* Switched module system from Matchbox to Modular Separation (minor performance boost).
* Switched template system from HelpfulParser to Dwoo (dramaticallty improved syntax support, if/else, loops, etc).
* Removed Layout library and replaced with the much cleaner Template library.
* Removed all PHP short-tags.
* Standardized much of the model code, and removed deprecated CodeIgniter ActiveRecord methods like getwhere().
* Disabled GZIP compression by default. If you want it, re-enable in application/config/config.php.
* Settings library now loads all settings on instantiation, instead of one query-per-setting.
* Added "Preview" windows for pages and news, much more accurate than before.
* Draft/Live status added for pages, admins can see pages anyway.
* Swapped Facebox for Fancybox. Mainly iframe support, but it seems generally better.
* Re-enabled page slug editing.
* Navigation add/edit form is now much more user-friendly.
* Removed all CAPTCHAs and use Akismet and some clever trickery to check for spam.
* Upgraded to Google Async Analytics (much quicker).
* Added editable 404 page which actually sends 404 header.
* Navigation links are drag/drop sortable in admin.
* URI slugs in News and Pages are now editable.
* Upgraded Dwoo to v1.1.1.
* Upgraded jQuery to v1.4.2.
* Upgraded jQuery UI to v1.7.2.
* Updated default theme to use entirely Dwoo syntax as an example.
* Required metadata such as jQuery / front.js loading is now handled internally so theme designers dont need to remember it.
* Optional RSS feeds of a pages children, available for any page.
* Tidied up the dashboard, added recent users & comments and made it multi-lang.
* Added Polish language support.
* Added "Variables" module which allows user-defined variables accross the site.
* Merged Ion Auth project into the core to replace legacy user system
* Added /third_party folder to store downloadable modules and themes.
* Error message added in case active theme is deleted.
* Added IP tracking to comments.

This is obviously a LOT for me to test by myself, so this will require some help from the community.

If you are Git users you could grab a copy right now and use "git checkout v0.9.8-rc2" or just use the branch "git checkout v0.9.8-dev".[/size]

PyroCMS v0.9.9 - El Forum - 12-21-2009

Thank goodness for ThemeForest, although their licenses aren't truly free...

PyroCMS v0.9.9 - El Forum - 12-22-2009


Step 4) After putting the database name on the field, I get:

"The database configuration file could not be written, did you cheated on the installer by skipping step 3?"
No, I did not cheat Tongue
database.php and all required permissions are 777

Suggestion: Ship with a database.php-sample with sample settings. In case it comes to an error, tell the user to change the sample file with his settings (Joomla! does it like that).

I created a database.php myself to get around this problem.


First screen there are a few layout problems. See attached Screenshot-2 (ignore the dark gray bg, that's from my gtk theme. But you should probably set background:#fff anyway.)

After logging in, I get a white screen, checking the php log I get this:

[Tue Dec 22 18:58:01 2009] [error] [client] PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected $end in /var/www/html/pyrocms/application/views/admin/fragments/inner_header.php on line 52, referer: http://localhost/pyrocms/admin/login

Checking the code and I didn't find any syntax error. But I tried changing <? with <?php and <?= with <?php echo, and that did the trick.
Now however, I see the site with a white background and no template being loaded.

Viewing the source and I see this:
                <div id="content">

There's nothing before that first div, so I suppose there are more &lt;? and &lt;?= out there.
I didn't check it yet.

Note that this test server I'm using have standard configuration. You probably now that &lt;? and &lt;?= are deprecated (I also think that &lt;?= looks better btw).

Let me know if I can test more!

OFF: I like your code Smile Any reason why aren't you using Colin's Template Library?
Interesting not to see any ORM either. The HMVC is very well done here.
I'm just commenting, couldn't resist. I'm an avid learner and I like checking well done CI apps Smile
Nice job !

EDIT: I see in your changelog: * Removed all PHP short-tags.
Did I get an older version?

PyroCMS v0.9.9 - El Forum - 12-23-2009

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
[quote author="M4rc0" date="1261538397"]EDIT: I see in your changelog: * Removed all PHP short-tags.
Did I get an older version?[/quote]

Yes it looks like you have downloaded a much older version somehow. v0.9.7.2 enabled short-tag rewriting and v0.9.8-dev has replaced all short tags with full tags.

I do like Colin's Template Library but I have written my own which makes more sense to me. The very crazy Layout library has been replaced with this new library, also called Template.php. The main problem with Layout library was that is had evolved over about 3 years through various applications and had all sorts of weird features hacked in. The new library was entirely written and is much cleaner.

The installer is currently rather buggy. So bad in fact, Yorick is in the process of a total re-write for v0.9.8 which I am hoping will be finished soon. If not, the BETA will be tagged with the current installer (fully compatible) and we'll add it in later.

Thanks for the feedback and the interest. I have added a link to the original post for v0.9.8-dev (bleeding edge) and I will update with a link to the BETA once tagged.

PyroCMS v0.9.9 - El Forum - 12-23-2009

Alright! Before I cloned from your git repo.
Now I got the right one Smile

Maybe I can be of some help in these next few days and do some testing.

Do you want me to keep posting the reports here or somewhere else?

PyroCMS v0.9.9 - El Forum - 12-23-2009

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
GitHub has an issue tracker which may be better to handle multiple discussions.

When you cloned you grabbed v0.9.7.4-dev, which shouldnt have had problems with short PHP tags, thats a weird one. You can just type git checkout -b v0.9.8-dev to switch to the new stuff, then git pull origin v0.9.8-dev when new stuff is commited.

I am very grateful for your help. Just remember I haven't finished the interface just yet and still have a push waiting with lots of progress in it, this is not BETA yet so it is ROUGH.

PyroCMS v0.9.9 - El Forum - 12-24-2009


Just a quick one. I just noticed on the 0.9.8-dev version that you've linked to above that the 1-tables.sql file has the following line:

CREATE TABLE `pyrocms`.`page_layouts` (

which was causing some problems for me during installation as my database wasn't called pyrocms.

PyroCMS v0.9.9 - El Forum - 12-24-2009

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
Fixed. thanks dude.

PyroCMS v0.9.9 - El Forum - 01-17-2010

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
Right so I have released the first BETA for v0.9.8.

Download: v0.9.8-beta1

Things to look at:

* Everything! It has all bloody changed.

Things left unfinished:

* Language selector - not sure where to put this. Should it stay as icons or be a dropdown menu?
* Dashboard - this page is still disgusting, what to do with it?

Upgrading is a bit of a pain but the instructions should help you through it. I will work on an upgrade script before release, but the system requires some planning first.

PyroCMS v0.9.9 - El Forum - 01-17-2010

Hello Smile
me againSmile)))

the INSTALLER still checks galleries dir for 777 permissions
# application/assets/img/galleries - Not writable
# application/assets/img/products - Not writable
# application/assets/img/staff - Not writable
# application/assets/img/suppliers - Not writable

I thinkg other 3 dirs should be mentioned to CHMOD 777 in INSTELLER file Smile

After install, when I go to :
I get:
Error:  Couldn't open the page.

After I try to access the homepage, I get:
A PHP Error was encountered
Severity: Notice
Message: Trying to get property of non-object
Filename: controllers/pages.php
Line Number: 73

A PHP Error was encountered
Severity: Warning
Message: Attempt to assign property of non-object
Filename: controllers/pages.php
Line Number: 73

If I change from error_reporting(E_ALL); to error_reporting(E_ERROR); inside index.php - all works okSmile
Testing deeper now Smile