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Routes regular expression - El Forum - 12-29-2009

I'm looking to use the routes config to rewrite a url. I have managed to get this working as follows:

$route['events/([A-Za-z+]+)/(\d+)'] = "events/details/$1";

This allows me to use a url with the event name in it rather than the function details. The problem is that there are other functions in this controller that I want to use - eg. /events/index

Also this will work fine as the structure does not match the regular expression, however, if I use pagination on this page it does match the regular expression ie: events/index/10.

How can I change the regular expression to exclude index or any number of selected functions?

Routes regular expression - El Forum - 12-29-2009

I've managed to get it to work with

$route['events/(?!index)([A-Za-z+]+)/(\d+)'] = "events/details/$1";

Should be fine for just about everything I need but this will still match an event with a name beginning with index. Does anyone know how to exclude all instances of index including the beginning of the string?