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DMZ 1054 problem - El Forum - 01-02-2010

Hi, I got a 1054 Error on a query generated by DMZ.

I looked up the error in the troubleshooting section of DMZ and it says to update the mysql_driver ... i've done that but still error ...

Here the generated query
SELECT `news`.* FROM (`news`) LEFT OUTER JOIN `categories_news` as categories_news ON `news`.`id` = `categories_news`.`news_id` LEFT OUTER JOIN `categories` as categories ON `categories`.`id` = `categories_news`.`category_id` WHERE `categories`.`id` = '2'

Here the error
A Database Error Occurred

Error Number: 1054

Unknown column '' in 'where clause'

SELECT `news`.* FROM (`news`) WHERE `categories`.`id` = '2' ORDER BY `news`.`publish_date` desc LIMIT 12

And the call
$n->where_related('category','id', $this->session->userdata('news_searchcategory'));

And later i call the get with some more settings.
I cant find an error, maybe i am just missing something, any help would be much appreciated.

cheers! Big Grin

DMZ 1054 problem - El Forum - 01-02-2010

Okay, found the solution myself:

I called 2 functions on $n, first one was a count(), second one a get() with offset. So i had to add the where_related part twice in my script cause count() clears out the query. The problem is, the second time you apply where_related() it misses the join parts and so there is no table category and no field id.

make a new object!

or clear out the old one, i dont know if there is a reset function, but i think there is.