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CI and ExpressionEngine - El Forum - 01-06-2010


I've built a site with CI so I'm familiar with it but by no means an expert. I'm exploring the possibility of building a site for a client using CI and ExpressionEngine.

Are there any good resources out there to get me started? (The documentation on the EE site seems to cover its features but not much about creating custom functionality. Specifically, I'm looking to create a database-driven app in CI and combine it with EE.)

Does anyone know how easy it is to integrate a CI app with EE so that it can all be administered from one control panel?


CI and ExpressionEngine - El Forum - 01-07-2010

[eluser]Scott Boyde[/eluser]
I too am looking at getting this done as my main site runs on CI.

I am at the moment running both alongside each other until the relevant info comes available.