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Multiple application conflict - El Forum - 01-07-2010

I'm facing weird problem which I can't figure it out. I've created CMS which I duplicated and rename with project name e.g. "abc". Both folders are in /www/cms and /www/abc

In folder abc/admin, I've changed path and session_cookie_name. On login form, form action path shows http://localhost/abc/admin/home/login but when form post it goes to http://localhost/cms/admin/home/login.

Even if i copy and paste http://localhost/abc/admin/home/login directly into browser address bar it redirect to http://localhost/cms/admin/home/login

I can't figure it out why it's accessing cms folder to load controller. I've checked all possible configuration and no where i found cms name in my abc project folder.

Please help me out over that.

Multiple application conflict - El Forum - 01-07-2010

My bad. htaccess file had path for cms which was redirecting application to cms folder.