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multi languages system - El Forum - 01-09-2010

[eluser]Marlon Renan[/eluser]
Hello everyone, happy new year!!
I'm with a doubt, wish you can help me?!. I am developing my website, and it is going to have a multi language system - portuguese, spanish and english, but I don't know how to start, it's gonna hava a dinamic content, where can I get something like tutorials, books, that can help me with my problem. I was think about create many tables, one for each language, when users select a language I create a cookie that has the table name, to make the database querys. what do you think? any suggest?

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multi languages system - El Forum - 01-09-2010

Hi Marlon,

Read up on the Language class to get started:

It works very well; we use it at, a translation site that has content in half a dozen languages already.

(To plug a free tool, we have something coming out called String, which is still in beta, but is for collaborating on projects in many languages that will produce CI formatted { $lang['language_key'] = "The actual message to be shown"; } files, among others. )


multi languages system - El Forum - 01-18-2010

[eluser]Marlon Renan[/eluser]
hi jmadsen,
thanks for help, I will try use this, any problem I come back again =)