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I Don't Get It - El Forum - 01-30-2010

I've been using CodeIgniter for a while and I love it. There is something that has always nagged me and I've got to ask the question.

Why the heck is the application folder inside the system folder?

I know a bunch of people who use CI, including myself, and the first thing we do when starting a new project is move application OUT of system folder. It seems more natural for it to be on the same level with system not to mention it makes updating the core easier too. So, what's the reason that its there to begin with?

Joe C

I Don't Get It - El Forum - 01-30-2010

I'm not sure why they do it. I can honestly say that I pull application folder out of system, and then pull both system and application out of web root.

All the applications I have link to the same system folder, but they each have their own application folder

I'm not sure why they package it the way they do. Maybe it's because that's the way they started doing it, and they just continue doing it for consistency sake.

I Don't Get It - El Forum - 03-16-2010

I second this motion here. I share my system folder with several apps, and I'm not sure how it handles multiple applications folders. No word in the user guide, but maybe the code holds the answer...

I Don't Get It - El Forum - 06-24-2010

Just an FYI here for anyone coming across this thread that the application folder is now removed from the system folder in CodeIgniter 2.0.