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URL/URI problem [Solved] - El Forum - 02-07-2010

Hello everyone.

I got a controller called main, that has a function:
function test($name)
        echo $name;
As simple as this.
Now, I have my fancy URL's but if I go to,
what shows up is:


Which means it converts the dots to underscores.. but I have no clue why. My uri permitted chars are as default (which means .'s are allowed).

EDIT: I also talked to people on IRC channel, some guy tried this out and told me works fine for him. So I suspect it's Apache or PHP related.

So.. what could it be?

URL/URI problem [Solved] - El Forum - 02-08-2010

(Trim filename while uploading or saving. Most systems don't like more than one point because they are usily seperator between file_name and format.)
If it would show up the string with points it would mean subdomains. Just trim it while download(or alike).

Is this a help?

URL/URI problem [Solved] - El Forum - 02-08-2010

I'm not really clear what you are doing, but have a look here:

URL/URI problem [Solved] - El Forum - 02-08-2010

@Jan: Yeh I guess I'll have to filter out filenames upon insertion. I'm gonna use id's and a database instead. Thanks Smile

@jmadsen: Hehe, the issue isn't solved in there, thanks for replying though.