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CI's calendar library - El Forum - 02-15-2010

I want to be able to display the days' events using the calendar library. I am stuck on how to display a particular day's event. I see how to manage the different parts of the calendar using $prefs['template'] however I dont know how to grab the day and say just display that day's event. The events are in mysql so I am calling from a cal_model to get my data. This is what I have in my controller so far:

**Note I did change the default cal from the tables it was in to an unordered list. So that is why {cal_cell_no_content} does not have a <td>

function calendar()


        $prefs = array('start_day'=>'sunday','month_type'=>'long','day_type'=>'long','show_next_prev'=>TRUE,'next_prev_url'=>base_url().'index.php/calendar/show/');

        $prefs['template'] = '

                        <li>Open Hockey</li>
                        <li id="location - {day}"></li>
                        <li id="time - {day}"></li>
        $this->load->library('calendar', $prefs);