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Who calls "index( )" ??? - El Forum - 02-18-2010


Im doing a system for my degree in CI, I must do it in Oriented Objet, in MVC++ (a MVC where the Model layer cant interact with the View layer) and well.. I have a little problem doing the sequence diagram (UML)

This is one with the problem (in fact, every secuence have the same problem):


The controller "C_ModificarObra" calls the Model "Obra" to require some information (thats fine) BUT later, the controller must call his view "V_ModificarObra" but that arrow not must be there, because the view have no method.

So... How can I diagram the secuence??? Which class calls the method index()??? I couldnt find it, if anybody can help me plz..

Thank you! =)

Who calls "index( )" ??? - El Forum - 02-18-2010

Ok, figured that the CI_Loader calls the method "load->view", who calls the view... so, its a selfcall method calling the view, something like this:


am I right? the problem is the "load->view" method have a return for it (so it must be a return not a procedure call) but if its a return, the "view" never get instanced and I think that is wrong =/..