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multiple codeigniters or merge them? - El Forum - 02-19-2010

For examples, I build a general purposes CMS framework, such as newsletter subscribers, news release, blogs, articles etc. I also build a specific purpose real estate CMS systems, which has properties, open houses, google map app etc.

Right now, these two systems are in two different databases and on two codeigniter sites.

A real estate web site would have both the general purposes CMS and specific purpose real estate CMS. I would merge these two codeigniter sites into this one codeigniter site - a real estate web site.

So far I have used different names for the MVC classes and the database tables. So I don't have to worry about the name conflicts when merge them.

But I am debating like should I merge them to one site?

or build a web site running on two codeigniter sites (one general purpose cms, one real estate cms)?

Or merge them to one site, but still run two separated database?

separate them seems fitting with the "divide and conquer", but run a simple web site on two codeigniter sites is also not so smooth.

What is your advice?


multiple codeigniters or merge them? - El Forum - 02-19-2010

I would merge them. What if the real estate agency wants news articles with their properties or a newsarticle about their properties.

Besides that, one system is more easy to maintain. Part(modules) like news or a blog could be easily turned on or off bij a config item.