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is_get error on php 5.3 - El Forum - 02-19-2010

Ever since i upgraded to php 5.3 this new error started showing up.

Click this site for a live preview of the error

The code:
$tabledata = is_get_tyres($w, $p, $d);

also getting this on another site:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_show_tyres

Any idea or suggestions on what i shall do?, i can't provide the whole code for you since i got some stuff that i can't really share public.

is_get error on php 5.3 - El Forum - 02-19-2010

Nvm solved the issue, i had to load helper files, even though i have autoloaded them already but it's not workign anymore with php 5.3. So i have to load helpers, library etc manually now on. But im getting some different warnings/notice shit now on site but i think i can manage to fix those