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Where is the Simply Fabulous Darling form handler? - El Forum - 02-19-2010

I hesitate on the cliff of a codathon...

Please allow me to think out loud.

Practically blind from internet reading these days, but still not coming up with much in the way of a native CI form and field handler. I come recently from the land of desktops, a rich panalopy of field objects, data-aware field objects, labels etc, with every freaking property, method, ad event you could ever dream of, either built in or screw-on.

I know, we mustn't find these things in CI, I forget the exact slogan, but the bells and whistles don't belong here. We build the snaps, not the snap-ons, something like that Smile

But isn't there a backbone handler somewhere? The htmlForm business included with DMZ seems like a start, but then I read he's dropping it.

I just wanna define a list of field objects and have some form get them.
Each field has quite a number of properties, validation rules, lookups etc.
Any given field will require custom attention/replacement of some sort.
Parent class is a generic field, descendent object become checkboxes and drop downs etc.

Has anyone come across a set of php5 OOP field objects like this, preferably CI?

Or anything similar to accomplish the task, without jumping into GWT or other technologies. Something we can decorate with ajax and scripting and styling, but the core is plain old php/html.

Coders here could go nuts deriving fancy input controls.

The list is big but not endless, in time we'd all have some good sets of controls we could count on, and easily connect them to our data.

I found a place called phpForms, which is probably the closest yet. But I have no idea what their code looks like.

I am not talking about custom fields as in user-defined or expression encgine channel fields, that is a database thing. I imagine we connect fields to a database by name only, I'm talking about the field objects. Looks like phpForms uses a database to manage that data separately.

I've started rolling my own, but it occurs to me, better to be embarrassed now than sorry later.

What have people found that is interesting? Are we all just too different to have a kit like this? Did I totally miss the obvious search phrase? Is this viable...? Has it been done to death?

Appreciate some feedback, thank you.

Oops. Okay there is a story about how I missed midget and this cool stuff:

Where is the Simply Fabulous Darling form handler? - El Forum - 02-19-2010

@steward- hope you dig in to the form generation library. Having another experienced voice over there would be helpful. Cheers and good luck. -SL

Where is the Simply Fabulous Darling form handler? - El Forum - 02-20-2010

I feel so foolish for posting that, thanks for witholding the flamethrowers.

I actually downloaded FormGen almost a year ago and set it aside: I was new to CI, and it looked so... procedural. I had this fixation that controls should be objects.

Cheerfully embarrased now and not sorry later. Thanks.