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Loading error - El Forum - 08-24-2007

I created a site on a local server and when I tried to move it to the hosting I get this error

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined property: CI_Loader::$load

Filename: helpers/application_helper.php

Line Number: 12

on line 12 in the application helper I try to load session library

What could be a problem?

I just noticed that I was testing on PHP4 server but hosting has PHP 5

Loading error - El Forum - 08-24-2007

Online host server setups have extremely rigid settings. Make sure the classes or whatever you are loading are all the same case. To be safe use lowercase for filenames and when referring to them use the same case as well.

Loading error - El Forum - 08-29-2007

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It could be a headache if your problem is like this one: