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scaffolding deprecated? - El Forum - 04-10-2010

in the documentation it says that scaffolding is deprecated as of 1.6.

i've got the latest version of ci, but it still works. how come?

scaffolding deprecated? - El Forum - 04-10-2010

[eluser]Adam K[/eluser]
Quote:In computer software or authoring programs standards and documentation, the term deprecation is applied to software features that are superseded and should be avoided.

Although deprecated features remain in the current version, their use may raise warning messages recommending alternate practices, and deprecation may indicate that the feature will be removed in the future.


scaffolding deprecated? - El Forum - 04-10-2010

but then the question is: why was it deprecated? I find it very useful..any thoughts about it?

scaffolding deprecated? - El Forum - 04-10-2010

Probably because most people have access to systems such as phpMyAdmin which have the same functionality yet are much more feature rich. Also, it can cause severe security problems since it is easy to forget to disable scaffolding once you go live with your site, leaving you very exposed.

Though I guess a member of EllisLab has to give the final word on this one Wink