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Mysterious Email Problem - El Forum - 04-12-2010

Hi All

Just throwing this out there in case someone might have seen it before... I am using the email class to send an email. I have edited the class slightly so that the character limit used in the prep_quoted_printable is 5000 instead of 76. That was just inserting random "=" and so on in my emails and I couldn't resolve any other way...

I also commented out the following code in the same function:
if ($ascii == '61')
$char = $escape.strtoupper(sprintf('s', dechex($ascii)));  // =3D

Now my problem is that any links in my email are missing the "h" in "http" which makes them invalid and unclickable from the email.

eg: a link will be


Anyone seen this before or have any ideas? I would ideally like to not have to hobble that email class too but if I don't all the emails are ruined anyway - so surely everyone must see this same problem??

Mysterious Email Problem - El Forum - 10-13-2010

Think i've solved this.

Take a look here :

Mysterious Email Problem - El Forum - 10-14-2012

to fix the problem with "=" in outlook you will have to use
$config['crlf'] = "\r\n";
in your config\email.php