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Encrypt? - El Forum - 04-12-2010


This is my url.
function results()
$this->data['title']='display students\' results';
$str=$this->encrypt->decode($this->uri->segment(3)); // get uri value.
I want get data from URL.
So I used uri helper
Without encryption , I can get uri value through

But encoded value, I cannot get through
error comes out
The URI you submitted has disallowed characters.

can you suggest me , how do i get encoded string/value from uri?

Thanks for your advice

Encrypt? - El Forum - 04-12-2010

The URI can't contain the + or = sign... either take those out of your encoded string or change the allowed characters in the config.php file

Encrypt? - El Forum - 04-13-2010

Thank you so much for your advice.