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Problem loading custom library - El Forum - 04-16-2010

[quote author="ranjeet_sangle" date="1271411847"]bro you are getting me all wrong ...

I was just saying that you must have loaded the same library more than once...

class Some_controller extends Controller
{function index()
//some code

and there's no problem in calling like $this->load->library('ups','some_other_lib');

Sorry if my suggestion are not worth for you..!![/quote]

No I seriously thought it worked at first but I forgot I still had it autoloading which did actually fix the problem. Once I took it out of autoload array it went back to not working. I don't know what's wrong with it. I made sure I wasn't calling it twice and that it follows the format in the user guide and it just won't work unless I autoload it. Same with the CI database library on my system... absolutely will not work unless it's autoloaded. I think it's just my server trying to give me headache. No matter, it works as an autoloaded library and it doesn't do anything unless I tell it to, so it's not taking any resources to speak of.

Thank you all for your suggestions. Happy coding.

Problem loading custom library - El Forum - 05-02-2010

[eluser]luke holder[/eluser]
codeignitor does allow you to load multiple libraries at the same time


if you are wishing to load the same lib twice give it a unique name