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file upload with data - El Forum - 04-15-2010

HI All.

i have a form having some input fields,among them one is file input.

inputs like: emailid, cell no, resume.

Now i have a controller to handle the data coming and saving it.

bt i not able to deal with file,how i can store it on my location.

Kindly hElp....Quick Reply are always appreciable...

file upload with data - El Forum - 04-15-2010

Check userguide on file uploading

file upload with data - El Forum - 04-15-2010

[quote author="w0bbes" date="1271341397"]Check userguide on file uploading[/quote]

Sir, i checked full page, they have shown only demo with one input type "file",and form action like form_open_multipart().

i have form with 3 inputs email, cell no, resume.

earlier there were only 2 input email and cell no.for that i had controller which was taking input like
$this>input->post('email') etc..

now i have file also as my input.So trying to get, how i shud chnage my code..

PLz HElp...Thanks a lot for quick reply..