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Routing Q. - El Forum - 04-25-2010

Hello to all,
I'm having problem with the routing system.

This works flawless if I used the table id(numbers).

$route['(:num)'] = "listings/subcats/$1";
$route['category/(:num)'] = "listings/states/$1";

But if I try to use a permalink field that I have on the table and change the routing to this only the first one works the second one does not take me to listings/states/ but instead takes me to listings/subcats/ again and obviously it give me the Message: Invalid argument supplied for foreach().

$route['(:any)'] = "listings/subcats/$1";
$route['category/(:any)'] = "listings/states/$1";
Can anyone explain this?


Routing Q. - El Forum - 04-25-2010

Specific rules should go first, catch-all rules go at the end. CodeIgniter will go through your routes in succession until it finds one that matches. (:any) will obviously match anything, and will stop at that point and redirect accordingly.

Routing Q. - El Forum - 04-25-2010

That was it.