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Doubt on friendly urls - El Forum - 04-25-2010


I started using CodeIgniter and recently got some and I'm dubious about whether I can use it on a new project.

As far as I know, the url of the CI works as follows:

I wonder if there is the possibility of building an application so that it runs like this:

That is, with a dynamic name of a registered user.

If possible I would like to know how to use it and call controllers and methods in this way.

Thank you.

Doubt on friendly urls - El Forum - 04-26-2010

[eluser]Neeraj Kumar[/eluser]
You should read about routing in the help files...

neways, I won't suggest the format you want to use. I would rather suggest you create a controller by a name of 'users' or 'sessions' as it will make more sense and you'll be able to manage your app structure much more efficiently...