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User management - El Forum - 05-24-2010

Hello CI gurus,

I need little help in creation of user authentication module. I am using dx_auth library to authenticate my admin users.

Now I need to create authentication module for user side. I am using matchbox to create modules for my site.

Problem: dx_auth uses default session table i.e ci_sessions to store the session data.

Now when I'll authenticate user on user side it will get mixed admin user data in ci_sessions table which I don't want.

Also I want to have only one table (supposedly `user_sessions`) dealing with user authentication on user side and forget about all other `roles`, `autologin` etc tables.

I believe I am clear in what I want ;-)


User management - El Forum - 05-24-2010


I am not familiar with dx_auth so I can't really help with modification suggestions. However, there is an excellent, up-to-date user authentication library in the Ignited Code section of these forums.

The name is Ion Auth and the developer is quite helpful. The library itself is quite flexible and lightweight.

User management - El Forum - 05-26-2010

Hi 2think,

Thanks a lot for your help. I'll take a look and see if it meet my needs.