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Problems with Ocular Templating - El Forum - 06-08-2010

Hey Igniters,

I'm new in developing codeigniter. I like the idea of Ocular as an easy and rails based templating system and started to build my project with it. But I got a problem within the process.
I use Ocular 1.0.1 and got the error message:

Quote:An Error Was Encountered

Unable to load the requested file: templates/application.php

I guess I copyed all files correctly but can't find the mistake. Could anyone of you help me?


Problems with Ocular Templating - El Forum - 06-08-2010

I just recognized that there is a newer 2.0 version of Ocular Templating Library.

Here a short description how to use it:

1. If you are using the old Ocular Version - delete all of this files.
2. Add the new Ocular 2.0 Files to your project
3. Add 'Template' to your autoload.php libraries array (delete Ocular if present) and add 'url' to the helpers array (delete ocular if present)
4. Render your view with $this->template->render();
5. Try in your browser

I hope that will help a bit.