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form_dropdown and image load - El Forum - 06-09-2010


I want to make this: if I select something from the dropdown list, load image for the selected on the page, so the admin can see what he select.

So I have an newspictures table in my database(ID,status,name,image).

In the dropdown I make a list by name. But I want to show the image when someone choose one from the list.

<? if(set_value('img_id')){
$value = set_value('img_id');
$value = $post['img_id'];
echo form_dropdown('img_id',$images,$value);

I hope you understand it Big Grin

Please helpTongue

form_dropdown and image load - El Forum - 06-09-2010

with o without realoading the page ??
either way ( unless you use a submit button ) you must attach the javascript event onChange to the dropdown, so it loads the image ( via ajax ) or reload the page sending the img id in the uri as parameter.