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Multiple domains & users through 1 site - El Forum - 06-20-2010

Hey Everyone,
I've been working on this for way too long and I feel like I'm not making any progress. I've searched this forum and a lot of others on the net and can't seem to find a solution that works.

I have an application that will enable users to build their own websites, similar to They will be able to add their own domain names to the system so that they can use that instead of my domain name, or a subdomain. After they point their domain to my name servers then go to their domain name it will load the main application (my site) with their information (template, images, text, etc).

What do I need to do in order to accomplish this? As I said above I've tried a number of different ways so I'm not going to include all of the code and examples that I've tried (unless requested to do so). Let me know if you need any information about the server too, but it's your basic LAMP (dedicated/root) setup.

Thanks very much in advance,