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Adding data to a session - El Forum - 06-21-2010

If i have different sets of data that i want to add to a session, is this the correct way to do it?

$option_data = array(
'item_id' => '',
'quantity' => ''

$person_data = array(
'firstname' => '',
'middlename' => '',
'surname' => ''

As this line


Seems different from the Hybrid session's format of

$this->session->set_userdata($newdata = array(), $newval = '');

And what's the limit to the data amount that can be added to a session?

Adding data to a session - El Forum - 06-21-2010

Check the manual, the parameters of the set_userdata() method are described in there.

The limit depends on what you use for storage. Session variables are stored as a serialized array. If you use cookies, the max. size is 4Kb. For database storage, it depends on the definition of the 'session_data' field (in MySQL, a 'text' field can hold 2^16 bytes). For Native sessions, it depends on the amount of disk space you have available...