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Help Newbie - El Forum - 06-22-2010

Dear All,

where I can download simple web with simple database build by CI,so I cant imitate the structure. I'm studying in first year, this is the first I hear CI from my mentor and my mentor give me job to build simple web by CI. So please my Friends help me..............

Help Newbie - El Forum - 06-23-2010

[eluser]Zack Kitzmiller[/eluser]
Try some of the 'Getting Started with CodeIgniter' tutorials on NetTuts.

Help Newbie - El Forum - 06-23-2010

Database is the easiest part of application design (if done right).

Checkout the mysql website for select, insert, update, delete ... once you learn the basic syntax, CI makes it stupid easy to write sql by using activerecord ... and its enabled by default.

The reason I would advise learning syntax from the mysql site first is that without a basic foundation the active record class might not make much sense if you don't even know what your goal for the query is.