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Project Management Software ? - El Forum - 07-08-2010

Which one do you recommend?

I don't need something too complex, but I don't mind as long as it has a decent layout and the basic features like: Projects, Tasks, Milestones, Clients, Deadlines, ACL, Messages (maybe a mini-forum for each project), Automated Notifications (eg: you have tasks that are suposed to be ended today) and a nice search tool (eg: fetch all open projects, from client X, in which I'm involved)

Something like Collabtive would be fine, the problem is that it doesn't have the search nor the clients.

I also found this but it has too much and I can't find a basic thing like 'my tasks'

Project Management Software ? - El Forum - 07-08-2010

I am very happy with Basecamp from 37signals.
It has just enough features to be useful, and few enough to be easy for everyone to use. Including co-workers, your clients etc.
It has a free plan so you can try it out.

Project Management Software ? - El Forum - 07-08-2010

hi this look good and opensource

Project Management Software ? - El Forum - 07-08-2010

I like very much Redmine ... sell Redmine as service at reasonable price and for my experience works very well.

Hope this help.

Project Management Software ? - El Forum - 07-08-2010



Project Management Software ? - El Forum - 07-12-2010

Looks like web crm is tailored to your needs like you discussed above. Worketc is a crm, collaboration, billing, project management, and helpdesk in one single platform. Yes, it has the reporting capabilities and the automation of mundane tasks and setting of alerts that you specifically mentioned. Despite it is packed with usable features, Worketc remains easy to use.

Project Management Software ? - El Forum - 07-12-2010

Try I've been using it for a few weeks now and I've been extremely happy with it. The greatest features (aside from the core functionality) are that it's free, it has the support of a giant, well-known site (, and you can login without ever signing up for an account (it's got a bunch of OpenIds, including the Googz and others)

Project Management Software ? - El Forum - 07-12-2010

ActiveCollab is a great PMS - takes a little getting used to, but with an active forum, quick email response, and one price... Haven't found one better yet.

I have been using AC for over five years and very happy with the updates and features added with each new release.

you can visit them at and demo it for yourself.

As with all things you listed, ActiveCollab has all of them plus more. If you need something else, you can added it with your own customization as well.

Project Management Software ? - El Forum - 07-12-2010

i really like projectpier and tested after posting here it is giving all features which other paid and commercial PMS are giving best thing i really like the themes in projectpier you can change themes which ever you like, there is Basecamp theme also available in projectpier forms, easy to deploy, use and manage.

Project Management Software ? - El Forum - 04-21-2011

Yeah people mostly suggest basecamp considering your features happen to be present in such software. But it doesn't really mean that you should use it. Basecamp might be an overkill for what you just need. You might only need something else which is of course cheaper than basecamp but still have the features which you are looking for.

Well, if you are really looking for upgrades or something like your business will grow and you are most likely to need more complex features, then basecamp would be a good choice.