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CI library dependencies - El Forum - 07-31-2010

I am looking to make some changes to an existing straight html site. I want to redirect if mobile and do some form validation. I don't want to port the whole site over to CI. Can I just include these needed libraries and use their functions, or do they depend on other files?

CI library dependencies - El Forum - 08-01-2010

CI is a system, so, the there are things that depend on others.
you could just extract the functions or their logic and use plain php in your other project.
you could also include pages from a ci-application into your other project, if nobody cares for.
you could also set up a ci-application very fast and move all html pages into it, don't you?

CI library dependencies - El Forum - 08-01-2010

Thanks for the reply Jan. This is kinda what I thought. I'd just move the entire site to CI, but others will be working on it and I can see there heads exploding when they see all the directories.

CI library dependencies - El Forum - 08-02-2010

you don't have to give them access on the hole directory by ftp.
point their ftp-user-access directly to the views-folder.