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Forum Library... - El Forum - 08-07-2010

I need some forum script in my web page. Does anybody here know how I can find one ? Perhaps it would be best if the forum script is Codeigniter friendly. Many Thanks

Forum Library... - El Forum - 08-07-2010

I don't know any codeigniter based forum script but here are some popular forum script available on web. Have a look...

* MyBB:
* punBB:
* vanillaforums:
* phpBB:
* SimpleMachines:

Forum Library... - El Forum - 08-07-2010

Thanks for the information. Its appreciated. By the way what do you think would be the best forums to incorporate with CI ?

Forum Library... - El Forum - 08-09-2010

A lot of people has successfully integrated Vanilla with CodeIgniter, never tried tho.