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modify 'search' at phppointofsale project - El Forum - 08-09-2010

hi, i'm new in using codeigniter.... sometimes i still get confused with the method... Smile

and now, i'm trying to modify the 'search' module.
the query is like this:

FROM `phppos_customers`
LEFT JOIN phppos_people
ON phppos_people.person_id = phppos_customers.person_id
WHERE emp_code = 3
first_name LIKE '%ra%'
OR last_name LIKE '%ra%'
OR email like '%ra%'
or phone_number like '%ra%'
or account_number like '%ra%'
or concat(`first_name`,' ',`last_name`) like '%ra%'

how can i add '(' and ')' in the module?
because if i don't give it '(' and ')', the result doesn't return the correct one...

note: i have added new field to the table

thanks.. Smile