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PHPBB Login and CodeIgniter - It's the URL's - El Forum - 08-11-2010

Hi All,

The current application that I am developing uses the phpbb forums as the base for user login and access control. It was pretty simple to integrate and I must say I do like it. However here's the problem:

Creating a custom login box is easy as it's a form that you post to the forums login page and it offers a hidden field for the redirect link (back to the page that comes from CI) the problem that I have encountered is, on the redirect (after you've logged in), in the URL bar it posts back a GET parameter which I believe is the session id. It ends up like this - /controller/function?sid=randomhash

Somehow there must be a way of getting rid of the sid so it doesn't interfere with the code igniter side of the entire system. It's quite important that I am able to get rid of it.

I know this isn't the phpbb forums, though I'm sure people have used these two systems together and any help would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks

Jordan Smile