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Video Tutorials don't play - El Forum - 09-25-2007

I'm on Windows XP using both IE7 and Firefox 2... I've downloaded and installed the latest version of the Quicktime player. When i load one of the tutorials I first get an alert box that says something about an error occured with the Quicktime plugin, and then my browser crashes. I even downloaded the file to my computer. When I open it up in Quicktime it plays an intro for about 10 seconds and then just stops playing.

Video Tutorials don't play - El Forum - 09-28-2007

Hi CreedFeed,

Try VideoLan



Video Tutorials don't play - El Forum - 09-28-2007

strangers in the niiight

try to remove the plugin and install again.... or look in the user_guide Confusedhut:

i just saw the video again, and, to me, is no problem. maybe your machine is crazy with .mov types!

next time, try to post in the correct place here in forum Undecided